Frequently asked questions

How much will my custom wedding gown cost?

Custom wedding gowns begin at $2500 and go up from there based on design. During the consultation we will discuss your design and all the details. Once a final design is agreed upon a customized quote is created specifially for you. A deposit of 20% is due at the consultation in order to go forward with your gown. Pricing cannot be done over the phone/online, you must schedule a consultation for a quote to be given.

Is there a fee to book a consultation?

No. Consultations are free of charge and there is no obligation. The main purpose of the consultation is for you to decide if the custom dress route is for you. We will discuss every detail of your design along with price and time frame. It is up to you to decide whether or not you would like to go forward.

How long does the dress making process take?

It can take anywhere from 4-6 months to create a custom wedding gown, with 6 months being the preffered time frame. Scheduling with more than 6 months notice is also recommended because the calendar fills up quickly so the more time the better. Please note that at least 100 hours of work is put into each gown. This is not a rushed process. There will be multiple fittings in order to ensure your gown is created perfectly for you. Rush designs are very rarely accpeted. In the case that a spot is open, a rush fee will be added to your balance.

Do you do bridal alterations?

Yes. Your dress does not have to be a Herrera Custom Bridal gown in order for alterations to be done. I do all kinds of bridal alterations ranging from shortening the hem, adding a bustle, taking or letting out the dress and dress redesign.

Do you have a price list for bridal alterations?

No. I do not give pricing for bridal alterations over the phone/online. Each wedding dress is different. I cannot give an accurate quote until you come in for a consulation and I am able to see the dress on you. At that time you will be given a quote, from there you can decide if you would like to go forward. In order to move forward with your alterations half of your balance will be due at the time of your consultation.

Do you make gowns other than bridal?

Yes. I do make special ocassion gowns such as mother of the bride/groom, prom dresses, eveing gowns, ect. Each gown is priced based on the design. I do not do bridesmiad dresses, as I am not able to create multiple dresses at once.

Where will the consulations/fitting take place?

The consulations and fittings all take place in my studio which is. located on the side of my home. There is a sidewalk leading from the driveway that takes you right up to the studio entrance, so you do not have to enter through my home. I do not contract out any of my work. It is all done in studio by me.

What does the dress making process consist of?

The dress making process is an incredible one! You will see your dress come to life with each fitting. After the consultation we will have on average a total of 6 fittings. The first few fittings will be done using a sample gown. The sample is used to prefect the fit. We will take apart, draw on and reconstruct your sample as needed until you are completely satisfied with the fit. Then and only then will we cut into your dress fabric. Everything is done on a step by step basis. I will not move forward until you give me the ok to do so. Through the entire process we will work together to bring your dress to life. Your dress is not done, until it is perfect.